All our programs work to meet the social and emotional needs of our students through various structures throughout the day. These include homeroom time, as needed and structured breaks, wholesome lunches together and Afternoon Activity choices. The Kindle Farm Curriculum On the Earth and In the World is woven throughout the programs as well as increasing in complexity and independence as students grow at Kindle Farm.

The Multi-Age Program at Kindle Farm consists of two small group, self-contained classrooms with students who vary in Elementary and early Middle School ages and grade levels.  Each class is led by a classroom teacher who provides and coordinates differentiated academic instruction, as well as the explicit teaching of appropriate classroom behavioral skills. The students are provided with additional support, instruction and behavior coaching with classroom support staff, which can include 1:1 support and behavioral interventionists.  Throughout the day, students might spend brief periods of time outside of the classroom and group environment to receive additional behavioral support provided by staff that enriches the students’ social, emotional and behavioral skill sets.  

Our Farmhouse program, located on the Onyon Farm Campus contains two classrooms of 7 students each. These classes have two teachers and switch halfway through the morning between STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Math) and Humanities (Language Arts and Social Studies) classes. One classroom contains upper middle school students with a variety of supports depending on the need of current students. The other classroom contains mixed-age high school students who have a combination of 1:1 and Behavioral Interventionist staff. This program serves as a transition before students move onto our four classroom Outback program or back to their public schools.

Our Outback program, located on the Onyon Farm Campus contains four classrooms of 6 high school age students each. These classes have five teachers and switch every 45 minutes for four blocks each morning between Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science. Each homeroom also rotates through a morning of Music or Vocational Skills once a week as well. Students in this program may have a 1:1 or Behavioral Interventionist staff if needed. Students may transition back to their public school or become high school graduates through this program