Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Kindle Farm is to provide a physically and emotionally safe school environment using a combination of diverse activities, and strong supervision and guidance so students can discard old patterns and habits, and discover and practice new ways to communicate, problem-solve, and learn more effectively.

Our Educational Philosophy
Our approach throughout each day weaves the following ideas together, whether we are finding a new rhythm in high school music, defending mathematical thinking in middle school geometry or leading a hike in elementary school wilderness.  Each individual thread strengthens the integrity of the whole as we integrate a variety of life experiences.

Our Behavioral Philosophy
Our students, comprised of young men ages 8-21, have demonstrated behavioral problems at school and in their communities. We offer them a relationship-based environment with a high student to staff ratio. We emphasize that behavior is a choice. We provide support that is individualized and continuous and we stress accountability to oneself and the community.