Vocational Skills


The Kindle Farm Vocational program offers students the chance to build a diverse skillset focused around traditional Vermont trades. We utilize the historic Oynon Farm to engage students in training around organic agricultural practices, forest management, carpentry and maple syrup production. In each of these areas, students are instructed on key concepts and then provided the chance to practice skills in a hands-on setting. The effort put forth by students in building skills is made clear by our beautiful grounds, bountiful harvests and the pride students hold in their campus.

In addition to building a physical skill set, students are trained in developing a strong sense of interpersonal skills. Students are reminded that attributes like effective communication, leadership, and time management are invaluable in the workforce. This is why soft skills are wovenintoevery lesson our students take part in. We hope that the Kindle Farm Vocational Program provides students with a well-rounded education which will equip them to pursue a career of their choice and have a meaningful impact in the world.