Behavioral Philosophy

Relationship-Based Program

The students that we serve are male ages 8-21 whom have shown maladaptive behaviors in their schools or communities. At Kindle Farm we offer a low student to staff ratio and a unique daily structure that emphasizes experiential learning. In addition, our staff is engaged in an ongoing program of professional development.  This combination of support allows students and staff to communicate in a variety of situations. We believe this fosters profound professional relationships that promote a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.

Behavior as Choice

These relationships are intentionally developed to include specific points of guidance designed to invite students to recognize that their behavior is the result of choices that they make. As students consider this, staff helps them to assess whether or not a chosen behavior led to the result that was intended by the student. Over time students gain a greater understanding of this skill and they develop the ability to consider alternative choices.

Support is Individualized and Continuous

Kindle Farm offers behavioral coaching that is deeply informed by a variety of shared experiences between students and staff. This allows staff to gain insight into what individualized challenges and limitations will serve each student best. This dynamic nature promotes continual growth in each student based on interests, capabilities and needs. Individuals are offered the least restrictive program possible, allowing them to experience the full weight of their choices while recognizing that there is always an appropriate level of staff direction and support. 

Accountability to Self and Community

When students practice assessing their own behavior, they become more accountable to themselves and others.With success they gain more options within the structure of the school.Positive participation and celebration within the community is our goal, our privilege and our greatest reward.All members of the school community are encouraged to work with our Core Values: Communication, Attitude, Respect, Effort and Safety. At Kindle Farm we believe that the successful student learns to identify and choose behaviors that benefit himself and the communities in which he lives.