Outdoor Adventures

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Kindle Farm’s Outdoor Adventure program encourages students to learn and practice skills in a variety of interpersonal and technical areas, using a place-based, hands-on curriculum. Students have the opportunity to make healthy risk assessments, expand their comfort zones, and develop self-awareness of their major strengths and challenges. Through engagement in a variety of outdoor activities that emphasize collaborative problem-solving and risk management, students develop leadership skills and gain confidence in their roles as active members of a community.

Throughout the school year, students have opportunities to participate in activities such as rock climbing, cross-country skiing, hiking, fishing, paddling, snowboarding, camping, primitive survival skills, ropes course, biking, and Wilderness First Aid certification. Our experienced staff are specialists in facilitating outdoor programming and have the knowledge and training to keep students safe and engaged. These activities are offered to all students, regardless of whether they are interested in trying something new for one afternoon each week or are seeking more in-depth skillsets and certifications that could facilitate a path toward a career in outdoor recreation.

Winter Sports

When winter comes to Vermont, Kindle Farm creates an opportunity for our staff and students to get outside and experience the season and all it has to offer. Winter Immersion is a Third Quarter full-day program that includes Skiing and Snowboarding at Stratton Mountain, Nordic Skiing at Grafton Ponds, Ice Fishing and Vocational Programming that focuses on forest management and logging. For those students who prefer to be indoors, we offer swimming at a local pool.

This type of experiential programming offers students and staff a chance to get outside and have adventure-based experiences that enrich their appreciation of nature and create an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between staff and student. Students gain skills in physical fitness, communication in the outside world, perseverance and risk-taking as well as patience and managing frustration. Whether they are learning how to ski for the first time or perfecting a snowboard maneuver in the terrain park, the shared experience with peers and staff is a unique opportunity for growth that is social, interpersonal and physical.