Clinical Services

Here at Kindle Farm, our goal is to help students reach their potential academically and socio-emotionally. We realize that students may have different struggles and life stressors that make their access to learning more challenging. We want to help support the student’s growth in any way we can. Our clinical team is located on campus and can offer a variety of on-site clinical supports to help students manage difficult life stressors and develop tools to handle emotions so that they can feel successful and fully access their academic and social potential.

Our clinical team is comprised of three master level clinicians with backgrounds and expertise in recreational therapy, movement therapy, and family work. You will have the opportunity to meet with a clinician to help look at ways they may be able to support your son and your family get the most out of their school experience. Our on-site clinicians can provide weekly therapy focusing on skill building, emotional regulation and self-esteem work. Our team can also help facilitate groups using an adventure based model again focusing on self-esteem, increased confidence, and social and peer relations.  

Our clinical team is also part of HCRS (Health Care and Rehabilitative Services), the local mental health agency in the area. This enables our team to help your child and family by offing referrals to more supports including family therapy, respite and case management. Our team is fully trained in crisis evaluations and can also help students when they are in need of a more thorough crisis screening and evaluation.