Educational Philosophy

Our approach throughout each day weaves the following ideas together, whether we are finding a new rhythm in high school music, defending mathematical thinking in middle school geometry or leading a hike in elementary school wilderness. Each individual thread strengthens the integrity of the whole as we integrate a variety of life experiences.        

We build awareness of each person's role in his or her community.

Community is the basis for all we do at Kindle Farm. Our students and staff participate as members of a larger learning community. We encourage individual growth and responsibility to something larger than ourselves. We believe it is important to learn about material that relates directly to our lives, and also exposes us to ideas and subjects that expand our current awareness of the world around us. 

We kindle a sense of pride in self.

We celebrate our abilities and therefore challenge ourselves to take risks and find our voices in a democratic society and diverse world. Everyone will make (and learn from) mistakes, and still be valued members of our community. We create a safe place where we are comfortable stretching ourselves and can be excited about learning.

We honor individual learning styles.

At Kindle Farm, staff and students understand that each person possesses unique strengths and needs. Clear expectations and the commitment that everyone can succeed allows us to learn everywhere. By engaging in the learning process, individualizing instruction, and reflecting on our growth, we are able to identify and access our talents and continue to improve in areas that challenge us.

We create learner centered, interdisciplinary, and experiential learning situations.

In the real world, tasks integrate many different skills at once. Furthermore, self-knowledge, motivation, and personal reflection are necessary in our lives. As we get to know each other and ourselves, we create and participate in relevant experiences while setting short and long term goals so that we may gain the skills to be lifelong learning citizens.