What Makes Us Unique


We are an alternative school!

Kindle Farm School offers alternative educational experiences for students and staff. We value the learning that is happening across each campus, whether it takes place in the classroom, the wilderness, the farm, or the kitchen. We make it our business to provide a variety of experiences throughout the day and take advantage of the teachable moments that arise. Our students are invested in their classroom and school communities. We collaborate with them in providing learning experiences that are outside the box.

We are relationship based!

Kindle Farm School requires that all staff enjoy working and engaging with our students. On a daily basis, staff members give their time, patience, and compassion to build relationships with kids that are characterized by strong bonds, trust, and respect. This process is possible because of our low student-staff ratios. Kindle Farm students become more invested in developing themselves as well-rounded people. The relationship-building experiences that happen on the basketball court shooting hoops, in the music studio drumming, or on the mountain snowboarding, allow staff and students to work together on more challenging academic, behavioral or emotional issues that might develop throughout the course of a school day.

We meet students where they are!

Kindle Farm School prides itself on tailoring programs to suit each individual student. Our instructors provide experiences that touch on several of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, helping students identify where their strengths lie. We provide accommodations and adapt all the programs we offer to support the strengths and interests of students while also addressing identified areas of need. When our students recognize and regularly use intelligences that they are proficient in and successful with, they are more able and willing to work intentionally on the areas in which they struggle.

We believe it is normal for people to experience troubled times!

Kindle Farm School believes that people do well if they can. We recognize that, at times, everyone experiences environmental, emotional or psychological challenges that can be overwhelming. We understand that all people can struggle with feelings of worry, anger, frustration, confusion, anxiety, etc. Professional staff at Kindle Farm School work together to alleviate the overwhelming challenges that our students might be facing and provide accommodations that allow students to access their education. Kindle Farm School staff model healthy, appropriate and productive responses to emotions. We foster safe environments and provide clear structures that encourage children and youth to work with staff or work independently to practice these appropriate responses throughout the school day.

We believe in Core Programming!

Kindle Farm School believes that certain experiences are essential for youth development and a well-rounded education.

These are our essential programs:

  • Academic Programming

  • Behavioral Programming

  • Clinical Care

  • Vocational SKILLS

  • Transitional Services

  • Afterschool Programming

  • Summer Programming

  • Arts and Music

  • Outdoor Adventure

These programs are woven into all of our students' educational experiences and are valued and delivered alongside the more traditional curriculum. Students are encouraged to regularly access opportunities to explore and experience a wide variety of programming in these areas.